The Silver Song Music Box™

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Combating Lonliness and Supporting the Independence and Mental Well Being of Old People

A Song a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Singing is an activity that accesses the long-term memory. This kind of music therapy can be especially helpful for those who are coming to terms with living with Dementia, or have had a stroke or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The Music Box, whose programmes are designed by the charity Sing For Your Life, has proved successful in a variety of placements - residential care and nursing homes, hospitals and community centres. Recently, an Occupational Therapy student from the University of Brighton described it as:

“A really useful tool for the group and has worked really well enabling everyone to engage in the singing and reminiscence.

I found it very simple and logical to set up and use and it was very adaptable"

The Music Box is indeed simple to use and does not require any formal musical training to operate. It is therefore a considerable asset that can be used by any staff member, nursing or otherwise and at any time. It enables clients to gain from the many benefits that this group activity allows on a regular (daily) singing basis - a lot more often than is usually possible. It plugs into a television, or it can be operated through a projector & speakers. The bespoke piano accompaniment is designed to replicate singing round the piano in a pub or in the home.  Unlike a Karaoke machine, which has a lot going on via the visual & musical backgrounds which can be confusing to many Dementia or elderly patients, the Music Box has been adapted to provide a simple colour background with only the words being displayed.  Crucially, the key and speed can be changed to suit each individual patient group. It is also possible to show images on the screen which has been found to be very useful in the field of reminiscence.

User Guide - download & printingThe positive benefits of music therapy and singing on our health and wellbeing are increasingly being documented. Some of the key findings over the past few years are that it:

  • provides excellent cognitive stimulation therapy for Dementia patients
  • helps reduce stress & anxiety whilst increasing energy levels
  • provides an inclusive activity (especially for patients who are socially isolated)
  • provides an effective reminiscence experience (beneficial to those with Dementia)
  • provides an inter-generational opportunity (perfect for patient groups in elderly care homes)

“Our activities team are always asking for more music, more music! But with budget restraints I cannot hire any more entertainers. The Music Box solves that challenge.” Care Home Manager, Canada

“Hey, this beats scheduling…we can decide in the moment to hold a session and have it running in less than five minutes.” Activities co-ordinator, Canada

"As part of our programme of activities, the Silver Song Music Box helps our residents to live well with their Dementia. We have daily sessions and I have loads of fun with's like electricity: the room comes alive - they start off sleepy and finish up alert, awake and engaged."

Deena, Activities Co-Ordinator, Clifden House Seaford


Janet, Activities Co-Ordinator, Broadmeadow Care Home Folkestone


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