Suffolk Silver Song Project Project Report 2017

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Suffolk Silver Song Project

This Big Lottery funded project started in October 2016 and ran for 1 year. We recruited 10 Care Homes, and they are all running regular singing sessions (at least one per week). The cost was £10,000 from the Big Lottery plus an additional £3000 from the Care Homes for ongoing support services.

Activitie​s within this project

We provided the Silver Song Music Pod to 10 Care Homes in Suffolk (listed below). The Music Pod has been loaded with over 235 originally recorded versions of popular old songs.

We trained activity co-ordinators, to run singing sessions for older people in the Care Homes, which makes the intervention totally sustainable. We provided ongoing support for each group. We also offered a follow up service for groups needing additional help.

Baylham Care Centre Needham Market
Bethesda Eventide Homes Ipswich
Britten Court Care Home Lowestoft
Davers Court Bury St Edmunds
Depperhaugh Care Home Hoxne
Ormonde Residential Care Home Ipswich
Oulton Park Care Centre Oulton Broad
Pilgrim Homes Stowmarket
Stowlangtoft Hall Nursing Home Stowlangtoft
Willows Residential Home Lawshall


The average size of a singing group is 20 people. Our project reached 320 older people including the Care Home staff and family and friends of the residents. Some of our Care Homes have special events, such as coffee mornings, to bring in people from the community to join in the singing. It is a wonderful thing to see family and friends able to connect with their loved ones through song, when normal communication has gone.

We reached 257 older people, 65 staff and 47 visitors with this project. The feedback was universally positive.


  • I enjoy the singing it makes me feel a lot better inside. It makes me feel happy and draws us all together
  • I like the old fashioned songs, better music and a story. We older people like to sing songs from the past. When we were young we always used to sing – no record players in those days
  • Very good, full of joy, I like singing with everyone.
  • Money well spent, it gets people together and involved or it can get a bit lonely.


  • The residents are always happy after. 
  • I like to see others getting involved especially those who don’t normally. 
  • Cathleen loved singing, it was the only thing in her communication she could do. It’s the last thing to go when you have dementia.
  • Seems to help their breathing.
  • Manager – best thing that has happened to our home. The residents really enjoy it and don’t want to stop! Good for staff. I have been working in the office, singing along with the music – thank you


  • Great, it helps bring back memories
  • I remember my wife was in a care home where they had no singing. It would have been better if they had.
  • This is an extremely good idea, because people who don’t normally move, get involved
  • Brilliant, the whole place comes alive and they seem to be more confident.
  • Would definitely recommend to other homes.

Pilgrim Homes, seated residents singing

Pilgrim Homes – Finborough Court, Stowmarket, Suffolk

December 2016

The Music Box is really turning out to be a wonderful experience for our residents. 

They are so enthusiastic, we have suggestions put forward of having small groups each singing a song, a special party where they could all put on their "Glad Rags". Somehow incorporating a pass the parcel game.  I am having a real problem keeping up with them, it’s wonderful, a joy to behold.



Britten Court, residents dancingBritten Court, Lowestoft, Suffolk

January 2017

We set up a Christmas choir with staff and residents and had a party with the Children's Centre next door. We have regular singing sessions with residents in our coffee shop. One resident who used to be very timid and stayed in her room, now comes and joins in the singing.



This has been a very successful project. The Care Homes were very happy with the singing sessions which brought their residents together and lifted their mood.


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Sing for your Life (South East) Ltd is very grateful to the Big Lottery for funding this project.